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Bug found in MangoBery - Patched in SVN Repository within 12 hours
MangoBery History
MangoBery started in 2002 as a dynamic news and content management system for the Valleylinks non-profit organization. Kevin Boyd is the primary developer of MangoBery, and he has overseen all aspects of the project during its evolution from a one-site project to a flexible and modular Information System.

MangoBery is currently used on over a dozen websites and intranet servers to provide news, content management, and other services to target audiences.
Project Status
I currently develop MangoBery in my free time, I'm working on making the GUI more user-friendly and mainstream. One of the curious things about the beginning of the MangoBery project is that changes have to be shoehorned into the existing database and file structure, which makes it difficult to add impressive new features.

Though the SourceForge Releases page hasn't been updated with the latest code, the Subversion tree contains "1.0 Alpha" of MangoBery. This version greatly improves the appearance of the UI, especially with regard to the Configuration page, but it is not quite complete yet. Pending modifications include changing the content editing UI and the content/thread listing display. These changes may take a number of months to implement.

After "MangoBery 1.0" is released, I plan to begin a complete rewrite of the MangoBery project with the intent of making it completely modular, rather than the current pseudo-monolithic design.

In The Wild
MangoBery is currently in use on several websites, a short listing of which is presented here.

Bamfield, British Columbia
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